WILLPower: Empowering Women in Law Leadership

Are you ready to step into a leadership role in your law firm, legal community, or your own career? This course will empower you to succeed with the strategy, skills and tools you need to confidently lead a team, grow revenue, and expand your influence and impact.

Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Introducing WILLPower
Lesson 2 Navigating the Membership Site
Module 2 Strengths Based Leadership
Lesson 1 Strengths Finder Assessment
Lesson 2 Your Leadership Style Profile
Lesson 3 Strengths Overdone
Module 3 Clarity
Lesson 1 Setting a Powerful Mindset
Lesson 2 Clarity of Values, Mission and Vision
Module 4 Communication
Lesson 1 Communicating Your True Value
Lesson 2 Leveraging Digital Marketing
Lesson 3 Attract Your Perfect Clients
Module 5 Rainmaking
Lesson 1 Meaningful Interactions in the Right Relationships
Lesson 2 Sales Conversations
Module 6 Leading Change
Lesson 1 Leading Change
Module 7 Facebook
Lesson 1 Social Media Game Plan: The Basics
Lesson 2 Facebook Advertising
Module 8 Claiming Your Power
Lesson 1 Strengthening Your Mindset
Lesson 2 Destroying the Freakout
Lesson 3 Protecting Your Dream
Lesson 4 Claiming Your Power
Lesson 5 Building Resourcefulness