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New Client Academy

Everything you need to know to make the most of your marketing and achieve your practice growth goals!

Module 1 Introduction and Overview
Lesson 1 Introducing The Essential Solution
Lesson 2 Get Course Help, Submit Assignments and Ask Questions
Lesson 3 LastPass Setup
Module 2 Clarity
Lesson 1 Setting a Powerful Mindset
Lesson 2 Starting with Clarity
Module 3 Your Website Design
Lesson 1 Designed to Convert: Your Website as a Lead-Generating Machine
Lesson 2 Your Website GO LIVE Date
Lesson 3 TUTORIAL: Editing Content on Your Website
Module 4 Blogging: Your Secret Weapon to Success
Lesson 1 Blogging: Your Secret Weapon
Lesson 2 Who Writes These Blogs Anyway?
Lesson 3 TUTORIAL: How to Use Your Blog Distribution Platform
Lesson 4 What About Duplicate Content?
Lesson 5 Controlling How Your Blogs Appear on Facebook
Module 5 Search Engine Optimization
Lesson 1 Search Engine Optimization: What You Need to Know
Lesson 2 TUTORIAL: Using Your Review Management Platform
Lesson 3 TUTORIAL: How to Optimize Your Blog Content
Module 6 Email Marketing
Lesson 1 Email Marketing 101
Lesson 2 TUTORIAL: Email Marketing through the Lawmatics CRM
Lesson 3 TUTORIAL: Lawmatics CRM Email Marketing Engagement Insights
Module 7 CRM: Fast Track Success
Lesson 1 Mining for Money in Your Marketing CRM
Lesson 2 CRM Tutorial: Logging In for the First Time, Your Dashboard, and Getting Help
Module 8 Dealing with the Freak Out
Lesson 1 Everybody Freaks Out
Module 9 Leveraging Social Media
Lesson 1 How to Succeed in Digital Even If You "Hate" Social Media
Lesson 2 TUTORIAL: Auto-Sharing Your Blog Posts
Module 10 CLIP: Your Conversion Intake Process
Lesson 1 A New Client Intake Process for a New Type of Client
Lesson 2 Creating a Great Client Experience with CLIP
Module 11 Engaging Digital Clients: Basic
Lesson 1 Frame And Mindset for the Initial Consultation
Lesson 2 Framework for a Successful Initial Consultation
Module 12 Super Advanced Ninja Stuff: Webinars, Campaigns and Social Advertising
Lesson 1 Webinars, Campaigns and Social Advertising
Module 13 Module 13 - Audit and Review Performance
Lesson 1 Preparing for Your Performance Review
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